Center of Trade Promotion is an advising unit for the Department of Industry and Trade,  Thai Nguyen Provincial People’s Committee, Trade Promotion Agency in performing the State management, as well as participating in trade promotion activities in the province.
The Center is assigned to maintain and develop the official website of Thai Nguyen Department of Trade and Industry (, and the provincial e-commerce Exchange at; Publish the monthly news of economy and Trade; Preside over the project implementation namely Commercializing agricultural, forestry, and fishing products in Thai Nguyen during the period of  2011-2020; Implement plans for developping the e-commerce in the period of 2011-2015;
 The Center is a public service unit with legal status, a separate seal and bank account.
  I. Tasks
 - Collect, analyses, and disseminate information of trade, economy, industries, and services for the sake of organizations and economic enterprises.
 - Promote the images and products of local enterprises to the national and international partners; Support enterprises in building up and developing their brand name, applying e-commerce and other new technologies; Promote import and export to attract investment; Collaborate and organize events including exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc.
 - Cooperate with enterprises to organize professional training courses.
II. Organization
  1. Board of leaders:
  - Mr. Nguyen The Tien – Vice Director-assists the Director; Being in charge of the Trade Promotion Office
   2. Administration Office:
  -  Manager-manages and in charge of HR records; finance, properties, and the staff treatment regime
  - 01 specialist on accounting, statistics, wage, and insurance
  - 01 cashier, and admin staff officer
  3. Trade Promotion Office
  - Deputy head- assists leaders by supporting enterprises in their brand name development and  market extension
  -  Deputy head-assists leaders by supporting enterprises in their economic integration, and import-export promotions
  - 01 Specialist supporting the industrial development and new technical applications
  - 01 Specialist supporting to train enterprises’ staff on professional knowledge, as well as new policies
 4. Industrial and Commercial Information Office:
 -  Head Office-manages, edits the monthly Commerce Economic Bulletin, and thematic books
 - 01 Specialist on maintaining the website, updating  its contents, and participating in editing thematic TV programs, and reports as well
 - 01 Specialist on maintaining and developing the e-commerce exchange for the international economic integration and export promotions
 - 01 Specialists on collecting information of workshops, conferences, training courses, and other commerce and industry related news
 Administration Office - Tel: 0208.3756.497
Trade Promotion Office - Tel: 0208.3851.844
Industrial and Commercial  Information Office - Tel: 0208.3657.866
fax: 0208.3858.102
Address: No. 366/1 - Bac Kan Street – Thai Nguyen City