Function, responsibility of Trade Union’s Standing Committee
1. Organization
- Trade Union’s Standing Committee is the directed higher authority of local union; gathers office holders from same industry and profession at industrial and commercial enterprises in the location.
- Established by Thai Nguyen Labor Union.
- Directly supervised by Thai Nguyen Labor Union and by Trade Union of Vietnam’s Industrial and Commerce (Central Trade Union) to lead local union in the location.
2. Responsibility and authorities
* Prepare and implement plans, programs launched by Thai Nguyen Labor Union, Vietnam’s Industrial and Commerce Trade Union and resolution of province’s trade union.
* Coordinate with same level management organs (under Administration of Industry and Commerce) on the fields of socio-economic development in Thai Nguyen; responsibility and professional benefits; office holders, cadres and workers development of the industry.
* Guide, provide information of legislation, policies, professional technology and science; directly guide the local union to implement labor policies. Organize patriotic emulation movements, propagandize legislation, guidelines and policies of Party and State, mission of Trade Union, and tradition, responsibility and benefits of being Trade Union’s members in the industry.
* Coordinate with local unions of cities, districts, communes in Thai Nguyen Province to lead, examine the implementation of legislation, policies which are used to protect legal rights, benefits of workers in the industry.
* Develop trade union’s members in various kind of economic sectors, implement personnel mission as assigned by Thai Nguyen Labor Union, strengthen local trade unions.
3. Some basic solutions for strengthen trade unions (organs, enterprises):
* Propagandize about trade union to employer and employee.
* Strengthen leading solutions: renew content and approach of activities, local directed activities; choose workers as beneficiary entitlement; choose legal interest of laborers and production development as targets of Trade Union’s operations.
* Develop legal consultancy, beneficiaries for laborers.
* Support to build up healthy labor relations based on mutual cooperation and interest of all investors, workers and state.
* Coordinate to solve labor conflicts timely (between employee and employer; labor organization and employer) about right and interest raised on labor relations related to jobs, salary, income and labor conditions on implementation of contract, Collective Labor Agreement.
* Reinforce training for cadres of local trade unions to meet demands of worker’s movement and trade activities in the new situation, and to respond immediately to changes of actual situations.
* Receive leading, supporting from party and organ’s leaders.