Cao Bac Hotel
Address: No.70 Hoang Van Thu Road, Thai Nguyen City
Tel: (84-280) 855372 - Fax: (84-280) 855372

The hotel’s pround of long history, with new buildings, comfortable equipments, so that easy to relax and feel as staying at own home.
Main services:
+ Catering and hotel room services.
+ Party for conference.
+ Package tour both of inbound and outbound.
- Professional staffs with hospitable style. Customer’s enjoyment is hotel’s success.
- Cao Bac Hotel consist of 25 comfortable rooms in quiet and cool space, so that easy to relax. As well as a large hall, where can hold conference with telecommunication equipment. You can give-up tensions or pressures by hotel’s massage services.
- Especially, experienced cooks, you’ll get delicious meal certainly.