The Director of the department of industry and trade – Mr. Nguyen ngo Quyet

Being responsible to the provincial People’s Committee and the Ministry of industry and trade for the implementing the functions, duties, and authorities of the Department as stipulated. Directing, administering the overall operation of the Department;

 Directly being in charge of the followings:

- Strategies, planning, programs, projects and policies for developing the industry – trade – service;
- Organization and personnel ; finance work; management of the governmental budget that is allocated to the Depart.  
- The role as Chairman of Committee of: Science research; recruitment; wage increase and promotion; reward and punishment. 
- The governmental management on the mining industry; supply and use of explosive in industry
- Participation in the appointed committees relating to the area of industry and trade by the provincial authorities
- In charge of the performance of the financial plan bureau, the Office
- Depending on requirements, direction and administration, the Director may directly solve the tasks that were appointed to the deputy directors, re-assign the appointed duties of the deputy directors or divide tasks into many modules and allot each module to the deputy directors to solve.