Following Document No. 471-CV/DUK dated 13 May 2013 of the Party Committee of Group of Thai Nguyen provincial agencies on organizing Party Committee’s Meeting of Member Units period 2008-2013 and Plan No. 38-KH/DU SCT dated 08 August 2013 of the Party Committee of the Department of Industry and Trade, on 30 September 2013, at the Conference Hall of the Department of Industry and Trade, the Department’s Party Committee organized the second Meeting, period 2013-2015. Attending the Meeting was Mr. Cao Xuan Thai- Vice Permanent Secretary of the Party Committee of Group of Thai Nguyen provincial agencies and 77 delegates being Party members from 07 Party Cells under the Department’s Party Committee.

Mr. Dinh Khac Hien- Secretary of the Party Committee- Director of Department of Industry and Trade opens the Meeting

The Meeting is focus on evaluating results of implementing Decision of the Party Committee’s Meeting and that of the Party Committee of Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade in the first term in the situation of so many difficulties and challenges. Under the leadership the Party Steering Committee, the Party Committee of the Department of Industry and Trade instructs its Party cells to consolidate to implement successfully the political tasks as well as the Party constructing activities; political and ideological education; training of staff and Party members so that they will have stable and firm standpoint when facing challenges; mobilizing consolidation, positiveness and responsibility to dealth with difficulties; comprehensively performing jobs in the direction of Decision of the First Party Committee term I, period 2008-2013 as follows: Constructing strong and clean Party Committee; Party members completing their tasks well; developing new Party members; appointing staff to participate in courses on Party Committee; investigation and supervision is carried out strictly by Party cells; the Party Committee always creates favorable conditions for activities of the political and social unions under its management authority, thus forming a movement of trying to fulfill the assigned tasks eminently.  

Additionally, the Steering Committee takes its initiative in leading the organization in fulfilling its political tasks: find out solutions to remove difficulties of enterprises and overcome economic crisis; try to complete the assigned tasks; follow the movement "Vietnamese people give priority to Vietnamese good consumption"; cooperate to implement the package of enterprise-supporting methods of the Government to the beneficiaries in the province; propagandize about reduction of corporate income tax; have ideas on developing auxiliary industries; synchronously imlement policies and medium and long-term development plans; promote trade and public encouragement activities; provide commercial information... and strengthen investigation and control to construct a stable and clean market. As a result, objectives and indices specified in the Decision have been gained.

Every year, reviewing and evaluating quality of the Party organization is carrying out firmly and objectively on the basic of the results of fulfiling political tasks in close attach with Party construction, development of the Department and mass organizations and specific emulation criteria. As a result, in period 2008-2013, the Party Committee and Party cells of the Department of Industry and Trade has always been regarded as "clean and strong", especially in 2008 regarded as "typically clean and strong" Party Committee.

Delegates vote at the Meeting

The second Meeting, period 2013-2015 has voted to approve decision with main objectives and implementation solutions, with focus in the following 2 key tasks:

- Instruct to perform task of developing industry and trade in the direction of modernization and stability; direct investment resources to some key industries and products with high added value; attach special importance to the domestic market and promote the import- export activities at the same time. Total industrial production value in the province increases 20.5% compared with 2010. Retail sales value of goods and services increases 25.6% compared with 2010.

- Strengthen leadership of the Party Committee, the affiliated Party cells and unions under the management authority of the Party Committee; promote emulation movement; timely encourage staff and Party members as well as workers in the field of industry and trade to fulfill the assigned political tasks. Staff and workers participate in movement, social activities and charitable activities as well as the program on constructing new rural area; save and prevent dissipation; highlight responsibility in fulfiling political task. 100% Party members have good conduct and fulfill tasks well; 100% Party cells are "clean and strong"; The Party Committee is "clean and strong"; 100% Party members study and understand well the policies and decisions of the Party; 100% staff are considered as "Progressive laborers", including 15% staff being model staff at foundation and model staff at provincial level; 100% strong basic trade unions, of which 50% trade unions are considered as eminently strong trade unions; eminently strong Youth’s Union; eminiently strong Women’s Union...

The Meeting also voted the Steering Committee of the Party Committee term II period 2013-2015 with 11 members. Mr. Dinh Khac Hien- Member of the Provincial Party Committee- Director of the Department of Industry and Trade is selected to be Secretary of the Party Committee, Mr. Nghiem Xuan Nguyen- Vice Director of the Department- is selected to be Vice Secretary.

Mr. Cao Xuan Thai – Vice Permanent Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group of provincial agencies- presents flower to cheer the Steering Committee of the Department’s Party Committee in period 2013-2015

            Developing results gained in the first term, with the consolidation and unite in the Party, agreement and support of staff and workers in the field of industry and trade, it can be sured that, in the future, the Party Committee of the Department of Industry and Trade will effectively carry out Decision of the second Meeting, thus making contribution to fulfill the tasks specified in the five-year plan (2010-2015) of Thai Nguyen province.

Source: Trade Promotion Contributor