To perform the direction of Chairman of Thai Nguyen People’s Committee, at the meeting in 30 August 2013 morning  and 06 September 2013, at the hall of the Department of Thai Nguyen Trade and Industry, leader of Department of Trade and Industry and Department of Power Management worked with the leaders of Energy Institute, leaders and experts of the Economic, forecasting and energy managment and research Department, the management board of Thai Nguyen Industrial Zone, Yen Binh Investment and Development Joint Stock Company to revise the demand of developing additional charge for Yen Binh Industrial Zone supporting for the adjustment and supplement to power development and planning in Thai Nguyen province in period 2011-2015 toward 2020 in order to supply power for  Samsung Electronics project and Yen Binh industrial Zone.

According to the approved plan, Yen Binh Industrial Complex Zone - Urban Area is supposed to be a green Industrial Zone (IZ), an administrative services, urban area, Ecological tourism center with the demand reach to 10 MW in 2015 and 50 MW in 2020. With the above forecasted capacity, Yen Binh IZ –Urban area will be energized from Electric power substation 110-35/22 kV Phu Binh with 2 x 40 MVA capacity. In which, the first transformer set in operation in 2014 , and the 2nd transformer operated in the period 2016-2020. However, due to the fast progress of Samsung project, as planned:  in 12-2013 set into operation 02 transformer with capacity of 63 MVA, and in December 2014 the two remaining transformers will be put into use. Accordingly, the important changes in additional charge and circuit in approved plan cannot guarantee electricity supply to the new sub-charges, so adjusting and adding transformer 110 kV to these additional charges into the power development plan in Thai Nguyen province in 2011-2015 with toward 2020 is essential.

Speaking at the meeting, Director of Department of Trade and Industry required relevant authorities to collaborate with Department of Trade and Industry to review the needs of power of not only Samsung Electronics but also of Yen Binh Industrial Zone to properly adjust and supplement to the power development and planning in Thai Nguyen in order to improve the quality of power supply and grid operation in a flexible and reliable way. In near future, the Department of Trade and Industry and Thai Nguyen Electricity will revise and make adjustment and supplementation carried out soon to supply for the projects which has been investing and will be invested in this Industrial Zone. In particularly, the planned and supplemented project will be completed and approved in September 2013.

Collaborator XTTM