On November 10th, Department of Industry and Trade held the conference on “Tea products and development of tea industry, investment promotion and tourism at the second tea festival Thai Nguyen – Viet nam 2013” at the conference hall of Thai Nguyen provincial people’s committee. Attending the conference were representatives of Ministry of Industry and Trade; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development; leaders of local industry Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade); Vietnam Tea Association. Leaders of Thai Nguyen province included the comrade Dang Viet Thuan, Member of Provincial Party Standing Committee, vice chairman of Provincial People’s Committee; comrade Dinh Khac Hien, Director of Department of Industry and Trade, Head of Organizing Committee of the conference and managers, scientists, tea worker in and out of the province.
Mr. Dang Viet Thuan, Member of Provincial Party Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee was making the opening speech at the conference

At the conference, there were 24 presentations of delegates, of which nine speeches were directly presented in the forum. Every presentation was one orientation, or practical proposal to contribute to stable value for tea plant. Many issues are mentioned, from planting and caring techniques, processing technology to increase tea value, to improve competitive capacity, to expand consumption market and production and business links of tea products nationwide.

Currently, Viet Nam is ranked as one of the top 5 countries which have the largest production and exportation of tea in the world with total of 130,000 hectares of tea plants, of which Thai Nguyen province accounts for 18,600 hectares with the output of nearly 185,000 tons of fresh tea, annual exportation is over 7,000 tons, reaching over 10,700 million USD. There are many potentials, advantages and opportunities for development for tea industry in Vietnam generally and in Thai Nguyen particularly; however, many challenges still exist such as, stability, quality of every kinds of tea; disadvantages in processing; and the building of quality standard for each region has not been satisfied.

Mr. Dinh Khac Hien, Provincial Commissioner, Director of Department of Industry and Trade granted Certificates for agencies, individuals making important contribution to the success of Conference

In order to overcome these shortcomings, it is necessary to have agreement among management agencies, scientists, tea growers and tea processing enterprises. Synchronation of solutions should be made, from policy making of tea industry development to implementation such as, planning areas of tea planting, seed selection, advanced production methods, ensuring quality to be appropriate for consumers’ taste, especially calling for investors, enterprises to participate in value-added chain from tea product, creating high quality products from tea, increasing value of tea plants and improving people’s living standard.

Signing for cooperation and investment in producing, processing, consuming tea products between Tan Cuong Hoang Binh Joint Stock Company and Khanh Nga Co., Ltd

The Conference is the chance for enterprises, trade villages, cooperatives for tea planting, tea processing and exporting in the province and other provinces, which have strengths in tea plants to exchange, learn experiences. This is also opportunities for experts in the area of tea product development, tea associations, government management agencies to discuss, evaluate and give out important solutions to make contribution to the development of tea sector. Additionally, at the conference, socio-economic development potentials of Thai Nguyen province were introduced in order to appeal enterprises, domestic and foreign investors to research survey and promote investment.

Closing the Conference, some units, enterprises signed investment cooperation in producing, processing, consuming tea products with province. Provincial People’s Committee also granted Certificate of Merit for units, individuals who make important contribution to the success of Conference

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