On July 12th, 2013, the delegation of Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade, including heads and vice heads of specialized chambers, Trade Promotion Center, Center for Industry Encourage and Industry Development Consulting  headed by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy - Deputy Director  of the Department attended the Conference of Industry and Trade branch of 14 Northern midlands and mountainous provinces which were organized by Ministry of  Industry and  Trade cooperating with Hoa Binh Provincial People’s Committee.
To contribute into the success of the Conference, on behalf of the delegation of Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy - Deputy Director of the Department had presentation on solutions for difficulties in business and production, supporting the market to settle bad debts under Resolution no. 02/NQ-CP dated July 1st, 2013 by the Government on the implementation: Solving the inventory, removing the difficulties for enterprises and boosting production and business developedly, solutions of bad debt settlement... Specifically, the solutions in the field of Industry and Trade branch, such as: Continue the reform of administrative procedures, create open investment environment; stick with the local, summarize duly the difficulties and obstacles for proposal; handle the situation of mineral inventory and build action plans to continue promoting international economic integration in period of 2014-2020; implement the management of market, price, ensure the quality and prices of essential commodities, continue supporting the enterprises to promote domestic sales on the domestic market, bring Vietnamese goods to rural areas ...
 In the essay content, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy proposed the industrial  and commercial solutions governed by local government management, including: Checking the project implementation of the investors, overcoming the delay in completing the investment procedures, tendering and acceptance stage, capital payment; State Bank – Thai Nguyen Branch should direct duly, urgently and drastically the management contents of Government, State Bank of Vietnam; perform completely and accurately the enterprises support policies from the central government, the authorities and branches need to plan regular contact and dialogue with the enterprises to capture and settle the difficulties and problems of enterprises; organize to help enterprises to participate in conferences, seminars, fairs and exhibitions in the country and develop effectively the ecommerce trading floor... Thereby, making conditions to promote the economic and society development towards steady development direction, to be an important basis to accelerate industrialization and modernization of the whole region equivalents to the potentials and advantages of each local.

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