Implementing the Decision No. 1890/QD-UBND dated on July 30th, 2015 of Thai Nguyen Provincial People’s Committee to build the trade promotion program, develop the brand name and find out the output of agricultural products in Thai Nguyen province in the period of 2015 - 2020. On March 30th, 2017, the organized a meeting to hand over items supporting the construction and development of the brand name of agricultural product in 2016. Attending the meeting were Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy - Deputy Director of Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade; Representatives of economic infrastructure division of districts, cities, towns and 18 units, enterprises and cooperatives enjoying the benefits in the whole province.

Currently, the agricultural production units in the province still face many difficulties in consumption, there is not stable materials area; the product promotion activities are carried out in a narrow, yet deep and synchronous manner. The products have not met the criteria for distribution channels such as supermarkets, trade centers. With the purpose of improving the effectiveness of trade promotion activities, assisting enterprises in building and developing their trademarks and creating changes in the consumption of products in the province. In 2016, the conducted support for 18 units in the province of: trademark registration, food hygiene and safety certification, announcement on conformity with regulation on food safety; Registration of codes, barcodes; Designing, printing product labels, packaging, and leaflets. In addition, the Center also supported the units participating in training courses, key fairs and exhibitions, conferences and seminars throughout the country, creating favorable conditions for enterprises to promote products, search partners, and expand the market.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy- Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade spoke at the meeting


For the above-mentioned items, in the coming time, enterprises will actively promote production activities, improving product quality, complying with legal regulations on intellectual property rights, registering, protecting, and developing the brand, actively seeking and developing the market. In addition, the Trade Promotion Center will continue to promote its role as a bridge between enterprises, focusing on supporting agricultural product processing units in the province to build, develop the brand, encouraging all economic sectors to invest in the development of production and circulation of goods; developing raw material areas; expanding new markets.

At the end of the meeting, the units were handed over items supporting the construction and development of the brand name of agricultural products in 2016. This will be an important premise for enterprises to expand production, diversify products, develop consumption markets, create conditions for boosting the local socio-economic development in particular and the whole country in general. Delivering support products to beneficiaries.


Collaborator of Trade Promotion