On August 18th 2016, the Branch of Rural Development in collaboration with Thai Nguyen Trade Promotion Center organized the training course “Supporting the product popularization through E-commerce” at the Lecture Hall of No.1 Vocational College – Ministry of National Defense. Attending the training course they were over 40 trainees from the trade villages and cooperatives in the province.
At the training course, the representatives of Thai Nguyen Trade Promotion Center, Mr. Nguyen The Tien- Vice Director of the Center; Mr. Ha Quang Vu- Deputy Head of the Division of Information, Economy, Industry and Trade introduced the history of foundation, development, activities as well as benefits of e-commerce for human life. The development of e-commerce is a useful tool for searching information, purchase and exchange of goods. However, some parts of people have not accessed to e-commerce. Especially in the trade villages and cooperatives which the branches of their products are known through orally handed transmitted marketing and the products are served the domestic demand.
At the same day in the afternoon, the trainees had an actual practice by promoting their products directly on the e-commerce exchange of Thai Nguyen Trade Promotion Center. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Lien - The trainee and Head of Bo Dau Chung cake trade village said "The trade village has been founded for 10 years with nearly 50 members; it has taken a lot of time and effort for promoting our products by actual sales. Besides, the information technology skills of all members are low, the trade village has met difficulties in promoting the image of our products to attract customers”. Through the training course, she desired the products will be widely promoted not only in Thai Nguyen province but also in other provinces through the e-commerce exchange.
The training course partly supported the trainees in aware of the role and importance of e-commerce for the development of the commodity market, providing the useful knowledge about the application of e-commerce in developing their products in order to open a new direction for the cooperatives and trade villages.

 Some activities of the training course (photo)

Collaborator of Trade Promotion