An introduction to Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel joint stock Corporation

Establishes in 1959, formerly known as Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel joint stock Company, Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel joint stock Corporation (TISCO) is the cradle of the metallurgical industry of Vietnam. TISCO locates in the Iron and Steel industrial zones, the first and the only industrial zone in Vietnam with the integrated production line of exploiting iron ore, making cast iron, semi-finished casting products, then rolled steel. On 29th November the Company’s first batch of cast iron came out, which marked a significant milestone in the national progress of construction and development.
After 50 years of development, TISCO has kept growing steadily. Currently, the TISCO capacity of steel production is 600.000 tons per year, its turnover 2009 reached 8.300 million VND. The Corporation has placed a showroom in Ho Chi Minh City, and established a widespread network of product distribution consisting of 5 main branches in Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Da Nang, as well as other smaller ones locating in different provinces in the whole country.
TISCO products have been well-known nationally and used in almost all national priority constructions, which are Hoa Binh, Yaly, Son La hydroelectric power plant, 500 KV transmission line between the Northern and the Southern part of the nation, My Dinh national stadium, Thang Long bridge, Chuong Duong bridge and among others. Additionally, the TISCO products have been recognized in a number of international markets including Canada, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, etc. The brand name TISCO and its products have gained numerous awards: Vietnamese High quality product, Vietnam Gold Star, Customers’ Famous Brand name, Vietnam Prestigious Brand name, and other prestigious awards.
Due to such important contributions to the national development, TISCO was honored to be awarded the title Hero of the People’s Armed Force, the Second and Third Independence Medals, and other honorable rewards from the State and the Party. Such aforementioned achievements have defined the Corporation’s firm foothold in the domestic and international market as well.
On 29th September, 2007, TISCO implemented the second phase of producing-expansion plan, putting a pivotal landmark. Estimated with the total investment of approximately 4 billion VND, the plan is proposed to increase the domestic manufacturing capacity of cast and steel to 1.000.000 tons per year in order to meet the market demands, and turn TISCO into a significant provider with large scale, innovative equipment and technology in the region and worldwide, as well as ensure the rapid and stable development of of the Corporation in the global economic integration. 
Undergoing nearly 50 growing decades,TISCO has gained remarkable success, which has been contributed by a number of important factors: the deep tradition, predominant capacity of manufacturing domestic cast and steel, innovative equipment and technology, a large system of product distribution, and comprehensive investing and developing strategies. In addition, the policy of “Maximizing customers’ benefits”, and motto of “priority quality, competitive cost, various products and services” have made substantial contributions to the Corporation’s sustainable development in accordance with the national enlargement.
Representative Office : Cam Gia Ward, Thai Nguyen City
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Subsidiary units : + Trại Cau Iron Mine + Phúc Ninh - Tuyên Quang Iron Ore Mine + Ngườm Cháng – Cao Bang Iron Mine + Phấn Mễ Coal Mine + Cốc Hoá Factory  + Iron Refining Factory +  Lưu Xá Steel Refining Factory +  Thai Nguyen Steel Laminating Factory  + Luu Xa Steel Laminating Factory