NIHA Co., Ltd
- Adress: Group 15, Tan Dinh Ward, Thai Nguyen City
- Tel: (84-280) 759683-210216
- Director: Mr. Chu Ngoc Hung
Business and Production activities:
- Producing stainless steel:a cooking of pot, pan, tool for kitchen
- Raising and supplying breeding ostrich for farm.
- Gather all and exploitation of minerals (according to stipulate in business registered licence).
- Import materials: from Materials and Trading Companies in Ha Noi City.
- Consumption market: at all south province (from Quang Binh province to the northern provinces)
- Turnover:
+ in 2005: VND 2.3 billion
+ in 2006: VND 3 billion
+ in 2007: VND 3 billion