In the implementation of the Decision No. 1186/QD-BCT dated on February 27, 2013 of Ministry of Trade and Industry on plans for delivering national budget for industrial extension in 2013, and Decision No. 1359/QD-UBND dated on July 19, 2013 of Thai Nguyen Provincial People’s Committee on approving proposals for local industrial extension in 2013.


Mr. Nghiem Xuan Nguyen - Deputy Director, Department of Trade and Industry gives opening remark

With the consent of the Department of Trade and Industry, Centre for Promotion and Industrial development Consultancy collaborated with the Institute of Industrial Strategy and Policy - Ministry of Trade and Industry to organize training on the development of industrial businesses for supporting localities through industrial clusters and on industrial extension policies.

  Supporting industry is an industry for production materials, spare parts, accessories, semi-finished products to provide for industry production and assembly of finished products. The development of supporting industry is extremely significant in the implementation process of industrialization and modernization of a country, especially in developing countries as .

Recognizing the importance and potential of supporting industry development in , the of and Policy in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry in Thai Nguyen to organize training programs on developing industrial business through local industrial clusters. Objects of that training are state manager of Industry and Trade sectors, leaders of Districts’ People Committee and Communes’ People Committee and a representative of the local industrial bases.


Overview of the training course

          Also in this training, the Centre for Promotion and Industrial Development Consultancy propagated to the delegates of the conference about industrial extension policy, and guided the localities and rural industry manufacturers to register information and implement the procedures of the industrial extension funding.

Coordinator XTTM